Entrepreneurs & Business

Entrepreneurs and Business

These are smart times. Today we come face to face with concepts like “lawtrepreneur.” They are lawyers cum Entrepreneurs. These people are the backbones of the company and guide the company by building companies revolutionizing the daily tasks of law. Diligence and smartness are the key skills which law graduates learn and earn!

These lawyer-entrepreneurs are helping create what have been called “legaltech” companies! These graduates are smart, agile, forward-minded, skilled and adapt to take the business to all new heights. They use major advances in technology, including artificial Intelligence, to solve various problems and challenges at the workplace.

These days lawyers are leaving the practice of law to build their own fast-growing, tech-first companies. The advantage a background in law can give one as an entrepreneur, as these graduates are well-versed from ICT and mining to the airline industry. They know how to communicate effectively; to articulate and stick to their side of the story with bold, persuasive and articulate firmness.  Law school teaches moot court presentation.

 Entrepreneurs must know how to persuade the clients and customers, they also have to interact and communicate persuasively with the staff.

 To the law graduates currently looking for jobs can go a long way in forging their career path and opening a start-up, because they have the skills, determination, and smartness to make it big!