MOMENTUM PLUS (Crash Course)

The CLAT NEXT crash course is designed for those students who want to study and prepare for LAW and Various LAW Entrance Examinations in a very short period of say 1 to 3, maximum 6 months. They can join this course to benefit as they will get the support and expertise of the industry stalwarts and giants who have the in-house knowledge and know-how about the course and Career Prospects after Law. When a student thinks about pursuing LAW, it becomes important to be aware and have the knowledge about every single detail pertaining to the course and the various subjects.


All the students and LAW aspirants can take up this course either after 11th or 12th or even after Graduation for a postgraduate LAW degree. Students can avail the course benefits after 12th to get the maximum scores in the entrance tests.

Program Advantages:

The course is designed in such a way as to be really profitable and helpful for students preparing for LAW and how much more they can gain in very less time.

  • Best Course Structure
  • Time-Supportive Duration
  • Economically Priced
  • Very Fruitful Results/ Result-Oriented
  • Meticulous approach and Feasible
  • Best Faculty Support
  • Time-Saving
  • Short-Term Course with Long-Term Benefits

Program Features

Classroom Sessions and Assistance

  • Short-term Classes with Best Coaching Assistance
  • Subject-Oriented
  • Conceptual Understanding and Clarity
  • Marks Fetching Strategies
  • One-to-One assistance
  • Legal Aptitudes taught in short duration

Study Material Support

  • Good and Graded Study Material to save Time
  • Best Teachers Available
  • Crisp Course Methodology
  • Structured Content
  • Result-Oriented Study materials comprising NCERT


  • Result-Oriented Study materials comprising NCERT
  • Online Tests provided
  • Online quizzes
  • Section Tests of more than 100 questions

Workshops and Practical Know-how available

The course gives ample attention to conducting periodic workshops for providing practical assistance in a very short period of time.
This is seen in terms of:

  • Number of workshops conducted after completion of syllabus
  • The presence and availability of experts to provide expertise

Why Choose this program of Study?

The Crash Course classroom programme is specially designed to help you develop the conceptual and test-taking skills required to ace Concepts in the best of knowledge and ability to crack the entrance examinations like CLAT and AILET, DU LLB etc.

This is only useful for students who want a thorough super-fast study program and revision of all the concepts of the CLAT.

CLAT crash course focuses on building concepts in the first 2 weeks and getting you test ready later. You as a LAW aspirant and Law Student shall be taken through all the concepts tested over the course duration which shall comprise anywhere from a month to 3 months with 4 to 5-hour long session every day. The CLAT NEXT crash course starts after your boards so you have the entire month of April and May to prep for the coveted Law Entrance Test.

Course Benefits

  • Classes scheduled for 5-6 days a week – 3 hours a day
  • Guidance Books along with class notes and other course material available and are provided to the students
  • Advanced Workshops to make you confident
  • Topic wise questions with detailed Explanations and answers given
  • Full-Length Mock Tests
  • Previous Year CLAT papers and reviewing strategies to ace the CLAT and other law entrances