AMBITION PLUS (Foundation Courses)

The CLAT NEXT Foundation Course is the best course to give you a good starting base and start-up to prepare for LAW Entrance Examinations. A student can start preparing from very early, from 7th and 8th Std. Onwards, many students also take admissions in 9th and 10th. This helps them to create a solid foundation to plan and prepare for a successful Law Career.

Foundation Courses also helps students to prepare well for 10th and 12th Board Exams. Unknowingly students get an added support and fair well in the exams as their concepts are crystal-clear and they do thorough revision. The teachers teach them quick maths and other tricks to solve the paper quickly. This is the benefit of a good foundation course.


A student can Take Admissions from 7th and 8th Std. Many students also take admissions in 9th and 10th. That’s why it is called the Foundation or Base Program.

Program Advantages:

  • Very Broad-Based Program
  • Concept Clarity in the Starting Years
  • Build the Base and a good learning Platform
  • Helps in Further studies by understanding the Basics
  • Factual and Conceptual in nature
  • Very minutely teaches all the important topics
  • Clears Concepts and helps in solving Maths numerical
  • Increases Speed and Accuracy
  • Covers Syllabus and Course Smartly

Program Features

Classroom Training Assistance

  • Systematically starts preparation from very early stage/ First Class Itself
  • Broad-Based Program Structure and Sessions
  • Minutely Discusses the entire syllabus in hand in classrooms
  • Very Detail Oriented Classes
  • Build the base and learning platform in the classrooms
  • Clears Concepts in the class itself
  • One-to-one discussions between teachers and students
  • Doubt clearing
  • Smart Classes

Extremely Objective and well-planned Study-Material

  • Very Helpful and student-friendly study material to build the foundation
  • Easy Language and Solutions
  • Books on Quicker Maths
  • Books on Chemistry Formulae
  • Books on Physics Numerical ability
  • NCERT Books and materials


  • Mock-Test and Revision Papers
  • Expected Question-answer sheets
  • Simple pen-paper tests to increase speed and prepare for Board Exams
  • Section Tests of more than 100 questions each improves application and understanding of concepts better
  • Online quizzes
  • 30 full-length mock tests
  • Prep tips given by experts and NLU’s pass outs
  • Revision Tests

Workshop Tuning

  • Simple Workshops to increase practical knowledge and life skills
  • Skill Oriented
  • Very Practical and increases expertise
  • Gives practical and hands-on knowledge and experience
  • Work is allotted in the workshop to give legal expertise

Why Choose this program of Study?

The base of any study or career and profession is very important because it helps highly in the later years. If the base is only not formed and strong enough how can a student learn Systematically and Smartly later on?

Nowadays, the competitions concentrate on checking and assessing the base an foundation of the students, how well the students are averse with the concepts an how clear they are with the facts and formulae interpretation. The foundation course helps in this aspect.

Course Benefits

This program of study is very helpful as it helps in the formation of the very base which is highly important for understanding concepts and facts for higher studies and facing competitions.

So, get enrolled today for this CLAT NEXT FOUNDATION PROGRAM without wasting time!