Entrepreneurs & Business

Entrepreneurs and Business

Today’s times have seen the rise of this “lawtrepreneur.” They are lawyers cum Entrepreneurs. These unique lawyers are among those building companies revolutionizing the daily tasks of law, including contract review, intellectual property, due diligence, research and expertise automation.

These lawyer-entrepreneurs are helping create what have been called “legaltech” companies, using major advances in technology, including artificial Intelligence, to solve archaic practices in the daily practice of law, which have remained unchanged for decades.

Nowadays and very recently a curious phenomenon has swept through this traditional profession. Lawyers are leaving the safe and well-paying world of law to build their own fast-growing, tech-first companies.

The advantage a background in law can give one as an entrepreneur, as these billionaire law graduates currently operate in various fields – from ICT and mining to the airline industry. A good lawyer, regardless of the nature of their legal practice, knows how to communicate effectively; to articulate and lay out their argument with simplicity and accuracy. In law school, we all have to do some kind of moot court presentation, and good universities will also require a thesis. These are the breeding grounds for teaching the skill of succinct communication. Entrepreneurs must know how to make a persuasively written proposal to investors who spend hours looking through proposals, so you can get your foot in the door for a meeting to speak! To the law graduates currently looking for jobs here is the option of making your own way in the world – including opening a start-up, because you already have the qualities to make it as a great entrepreneur!