Company Secretaryship

Company Secretaryship

Company Secretaryship is a very common and progressive law career option after law.

Law as a career option is growing in today’s world. Law company Secretary ship program gel well together because of the similarity in terms of the services rendered and needed.

The career in law as a professional choice is replete with a plethora and gamut of opportunities. There are a lot of new changes introduced.

A lawyer should have the potential and knowledge of different areas. A law student purses Company Secretaryship course in order to have better understanding of corporate compliances and corporate understanding.

Company Secretaryship course is a widely known course as it provides additional and added knowledge to differentiate oneself and makes one employable in the era of cut-throat competition with a handsome salary pay package, perks, added benefits and other hidden perks. Company Secretaryship course is one of the oldest courses related with Corporate Law and law in general.

What does the course entail?

The course is well structured by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India and conducts all the examination concerned with it. The students of law benefit from the fact that the course structure is very similar to that of law program as a whole and have an added advantage to pursue a course whose study materials are similar to that of the law. A professional course will surely add a professional designation and tag of honor to the name of an individual which makes a person more employable and fit for various jobs and employment opportunities. The syllabus of the course is much like that of the course of Business and Corporate law.

So, we see this highly beneficial and meritorious course program and one can definitely pursue a Company Secretary Ship Program to add wings to one’s career desires and future.

Students can find various jobs and can get employable under a consultant firm, banks, private companies, financial institutions etc. A person is also independent to practice his own business affairs. The companies act, 2013 goves special status to company secretaryship personnel and equips him along with Managing Director (MD) or Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or Manager, Whole-time Director(s) or Chief Financial Officer (CFO).