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Banking, Investment and Finance

During or after Law, chose all the internships and other extracurricular activities, like writing research papers. And after doing all of this, one can start working with one of the best law firms in the country, advising, the best of the companies, in their IPO process. Yes, law degree can help you directly, if you wish to be an investment banker. Law can be useful in investment banking. Banking, Finance, Investment Banking and law are popular career paths for ambitious young people. Both careers offer the chance to make a lot of money right out of school. Moreover, prestige and upward mobility, two additional defining characteristics, attract the best and brightest into both investment banking and law.

Investment banking and law require many of the same skills, such as a strong work ethic. Because law is such a broad field, the skills required vary based on the type of law you practice. Trial lawyers need to be persuasive, aggressive, high-energy and quick-witted. Successful corporate attorneys are focused, detail-oriented and exceptional critical thinkers. Practicing international law requires being bilingual or multilingual, as well as the ability to understand and assimilate into various cultures. Professionals can earn six figures their first year if they develop a stellar reputation quickly and have an expansive warm market.

Law is a great choice for students open to furthering their education and desiring more paths when starting their careers. Getting into law school does not require an undergraduate degree from an elite school.