How should I begin CLAT preparation for the year 2019?

CLAT preparation for 2019 Examination requires some strategies to emerge as a sure-shot winner. Let’s see how…

1. Plan a Rough Sketch in mind: The first most important thing is to plan a schedule and a rough strategy in mind to enable you to start and get going. Any layman would be doing the same because the first step towards any goal is to plan a rough strategy or a rough idea in mind about what you want to do. This requires deep thinking and analysing deeply what one wants, here our goal is to shine like a star in the CLAT exam 2019… so pull up your socks and plan a working strategy.

2. Increase your general awareness: The second most important task is to be aware about what’s happening around the world as CLAT is a test about general awareness, aptitude, general knowledge. Awareness about different aspects of real life and much more. Basically, it requires a knowledge about the day-to-day affairs and knowledge about the world in general. It tests how knowledgeable and smart a person is in real life. This can be achieved by reading newspapers and watching news, apart from reading and learning general knowledge facts. This is important!

3. Read good NCERT books: It is very important to study from the right books and read books on politics, society, Sociology, history and that too from NCERT as it is authentic, genuine, good study material and trustworthy. The facts given here are true, genuine and correct. Economics is also very important as a subject as it gives hands-on knowledge about real life experiences and money matters. So, read NCERT books, preferably thoroughly of class 11 and 12.

4. Concentrate on Legal Reasoning: This is basically, the most interesting section about preparing and studying for Law. One should be thorough and adept with the basics of legal reasoning. Read plenty of books. Keep on adding knowledge.

5. Concentrate on English and language building: It is very important and a must to concentrate on improving the language skills like English as it not only makes the journey, easy, simple, lucid but also increases a person to fetch really good marks as this section is very scoring. By answering the English Section well, one increases the chance of scoring very high marks in the main paper.

6. Maths: This is perhaps one of the most important aspects about CLAT preparation. One should never ever ignore maths, in fact, one should concentrate on learning the trick of solving questions quickly and apply the tricks of quicker maths to complete this section as quickly as possible. Nor does it increase the chances of scoring very high, it also places you in a good and confident position and make sure you get selected.

7. Keep On Practising: The key to success and to score high marks is to keep practising and solving as many past years question papers as possible. There is nothing much better than solving the mock-test papers for practice and getting a hang of the pattern and type of questions asked in the real and main paper- CLAT EXAM 2019

So, don’t worry, just keep working hard, study from the best study material, read and practice properly, take help from the experienced and best faculty and consult mentors and teachers for guidance and counselling and you are all set for CLAT 2019.

Best of Luck Students!

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