CLAT Preparation Tips 2019, How to Prepare – Check Tips for Students

Students preparing for CLAT should keep these tips in mind to Crack the CLAT 2019 EXAM…

  • The first and foremost thing is to plan a schedule to start the preparation, by schedule I mean a routine. The routine should be such that you adhere to it. It should be realistic and achievable. Do not strain unnecessarily for very long continuous hours sitting idly, because even if you study for two hours at a stretch without disturbance, those two hours should be productive and helpful. Sitting for long hours without any use is no good, just a waste of time.

  • The second thing to keep in mind is to study from good books. A preparation can never be successful and complete, if one refers to bad study material, by bad I mean wrong English, Incorrect Grammar, Wrong General Knowledge and details given, Wrong information in terms of legal expertise published. These are not good and can pass on the wrong information to a student while studying. The students learn these facts and has completely erroneous concepts which the student can write while giving the exams. This can lead to his scoring very poor marks. Therefore, a book plays a very important role to understand the correct concepts and study well.
  • Take continuous Help from Mentors: It is very important to get the right counselling and guidance from the subject-teachers, mentors and teaching experts. They guide you and give you the best tips and also help you to strategize your learning plan. This comes in very handy and useful while preparing for CLAT and can help one score very high scores in CLAT 2019 because tips given by subject-experts always help.
  • Practice as much as you can: It is very important to keep on practising and solve as many mock-test papers, expected question papers, last ten-year papers to fare well in the CLAT exam 2019. This gives one practice of the kind of expected questions and also gives surety about the structure and pattern of the question paper. This saves one time while attempting the paper on the day of the examination.
  • Take help from other friends preparing for CLAT: Another important thing is to stay connected with other friends who are preparing for CLAT, or the same examination, this helps you to be on your toes and also there is a sense of competition to keep on studying and preparing for the entrance in order to score better marks. Other than that, friends also help each other, help in revising the topics covered and most of all, give important tips and hints to prepare and study well.
  • Take Rest and Take Good Nutrition: Students generally forget to take good care of themselves during the exams. It is very important to eat well, take ample sleep and nourishing yourself as it helps in improving concentration and mental stamina.

So, students, learners and Law Aspirants give your best in CLAT 2019 and the best will come to you!

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